Aspiring Jihadist Arrested in the Bronx


Twenty-two year old Sajmir Alimehmeti, aka “Abdul Qawii,” was arrested in the early hours of Tuesday morning at his 3464 Knox Place apartment.  He is accused of providing material support to a terrorist organization and of knowingly making false statements in an application for a passport. Continue reading


A Good Nose For Details


Here are a couple of tidbits that show we are on the right track here at Hindsight is 20/20.

Oussama Atar Is the Cousin of the El Bakraoui Brothers

My speculations back in April turned out to be correct.  La Capitale ran a story under the headline, “Oussama Atar, mentor of the El Bakraoui brothers, was in prison in Iraq with the current leader of Daesh.”  In it they detail that police searched the residence of Oussama Atar the day after the Brussels bombings, which was located at rue du Busselenberg 64 in Anderlecht.  No arrests were made, and apparently Atar was not present at the time. Continue reading

A Trip to the Bookstore


Recently I’ve been casting about for what to write on next, but I keep coming back to Belgium.  There’s just so much there and so many avenues to research, no pun intended.  That brings me to the February 2016 trial in Brussels of over 30 terrorism subjects, a trial that seems to be turning into an annual event.  Early on one of the suspects, Khalid Zerkani, was split out for his own separate trial, and like most Belgian terror trials, few of the accused were actually present.  One of those accused was actually on-the-loose in Brussels itself and would vaporize himself inside Zaventem airport a month later—Najim Laachraoui. Continue reading

Young Recruits from Brussels and Charleroi

Albin and Nawel (Source: La Nouvelle Gazette 2/3/2016)

On Saturday morning, January 30, Belgian police entered through the garden door of a residence on rue du Four à Verre in the Hamendes quarter of Jumet (Charleroi) and placed a couple under arrest for participation in a terrorist organization.  This couple, identified so far as 23-year-old Albin M. and 27-year-old Nawel Z., had radicalized over the past year along with another individual from Brussels identified as Bilal M.  A local paper at the time referred to the wife/mother as being named Yamine, but I have not seen this anywhere since then.  I have discovered a 27-year-old Nawel Zadi (born May 21, 1988) from Jumet through my researches.  In one search in particular, I found the name Nawel Zadi in conjunction with the name Albin Mbesse, the context being a family relation.  Other information I discovered on the name Albin Mbesse gave a birthdate which results in an age of 23.  So I feel pretty confident in these two identifications. Continue reading

From the UK, to Italy, then Singapore, and Back to Brussels

Mohammed Ali Ahmed, Zakaria Boufassil, and Soumaya Boufassil in the dock at Westminster Magistrates Court CREDIT: JULIA QUENZLER

I’ve taken a few days off from writing due to the requirements of everyday life, but I haven’t stopped paying attention.  Law enforcement throughout the world have continued to uncover cells and plots, revealing that al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and other global-jihadist-minded actors have not swerved from their program to implement the Sharia throughout the world.

Continue reading