The Devil on Your Shoulder

Apartment bloc in the Rue Rene Descartes, home to Julien Bataille (Le Parisien)

In the course of researching my last article on the “Swingers Club” plotters and trying to figure out the identity of Julien Le Prado, I came across another Julien, a fiche ‘S’ subject mentioned intermittently in the pages of Le Progres and other papers in the Lyon area: Julien Bataille (often see as Julien B.).  He was arrested on 16 September with respect to his activities as a recruiter of youth for jihadist causes, his ongoing communication with the wanted Rachid Kassim over Telegram, and for having made death threats against a police officer back in 2015—all the sorts of things that will earn one a charge of “criminal association in relation with a terrorist enterprise.”

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Waitin’ on the Bus


French Police executed a series of arrests against suspected jihadists in Saint-Chamond (Loire), Lyon, and Amplepuis (Rhône) on February 2, 2016.  Initial reports spoke of six arrests, but later reports appear to show only five* related ones with another occurring around the same time in the same general region.  Authorities confirmed the group possessed bus tickets to Syria via Bulgaria and Turkey, allegedly to join the ranks of jihadists there.  Furthermore, they were suspected of plotting attacks against sex establishments, although this has not been confirmed by the investigations of the judicial police in Lyon and Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate (SDAT). Continue reading